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Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Thu Jul 13 15:53:13 EDT 2000

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 09:36:43PM +0200, Thomas Sandlaß wrote:
> HaloO Tobias,
> On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, you wrote:
> > > Does that mean the current state of the CVS could be used for experiments?
> > > Or in other words is it useful for something else than development?
> > 
> > Absolutely.
> Ahh, sounds great. And since you answer to me directly I would like to ask
> some questions and to offer help as far as that is possible. I didn't talk
> to my boss yet but I have some hopes that I persuade him to join your
> effort. At least as alpha tester with programming background. I mean I'm
> hacking our main product, the ODS Toolbox and used to program in Perl 4.0
> when I was a sysadmin at the university of Stuttgart.
> Does that qualify me for something useful?


> What would you suggest as a starter?

Give RT2 installation a shot. Play with it.
Start poking through the code :)
> Our main problem here is that we are using GNATS for bug tracking and
> Jitterbug as trouble ticket system for customers with support contracts.
> And some customers track their requests as well. So for a typical incident
> we have three ids! But the worst is that no immediate status reports
> can be generated. They have to be grep'ed from GNATS and Jitterbug :(
> And lot's of branches with customers specific enhancements in CVS
> complicate things even more.
> Questions:
> 1) How hard coded is the status of a request? We need definitly
> more than 3 (open, stalled, resolved). I've seen it is just a 10 character
> field in the Tickets table.  But I've no idea yet how much the Perl code
> has the states hard-wired.

Right now it's hard coded in 2-3 places. it should get modified to be hardcoded
in only one place in the near future :)

> I have of course read the schedule on the Web:
> August
>     2.1     Extensions to RT core for "Bug tracking"
> September
>            2.1/2.3 Extensions to RT core for basic "Project Management"
> Which seems to be what we need.
> 2) Does "Project Management" involve a CVS interface? What I think of
> is basically a new table with branch versus bug state.
Project managment was meant =~ ms project, rather than an IDE..
If anything, that would fall under bug tracking. It would help a great deal
if you could start by figuring out definite requirements of such a system.

> Regards, TSa.
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