[rt-devel] Re: [rt-users] Code fork

deborah kaplan deborah at curl.com
Tue Jul 25 11:31:43 EDT 2000

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Tobias Brox wrote:

|> 	I have to say that this saddens me quite a bit.
|Me too.

Yes, I don't think this split is going to be very good for rt.
Both Tobias and Jesse add such different things to the product.

|Well, I'm quite surprised that so many actually is satisfied with RT1.
|Anyway, I feel that I'm daily answering feature requests at the rt-users
|mailinglist: "This is not feasible in RT1, but it exists in RT2".

Actually, there are plenty of features I'd like to add to rt 1,
but it is still a great product.

|Have you read "The cathedral and the baazar"?  The success of other beasts
|like Linux depends greatly on the user community.  For RT2, there is no
|user community.  My philosophy is that if a project actually is used, bugs
|will be weeded out quicker, and it will be quicker to spot what concepts
|is actually working and which one isn't.  The problem is that nobody
|(except Jesse and me) is interessted in hacking on RT2 unless they can set
|it to production today.

Come now, it isn't as bad as all that.  ;) I'm interested in
hacking on rt 2, though I'm hampered by various outside
influences which slow me down.  Other people occasionally hack on
the product.  Partly the problem is that the user community --
people who staff help desks -- are not always people with tons of
programming experience.  The cleaner code jesse is advocating
will make it easier for people with less programming experience
to hack rt.

in any case, is there any way for the two of you to reconcile
your differences?  For example, have Tobias work the 1.9 branch
which adds features, and Jesse work the 2.X branch which adds the
new code base.  Or whatever numbering scheme works for you guys.
But this seems like something that will hurt us, the rt users, so
I'd selfishly like to ask y'all to do the hard work of learning
to work together again so I can benefit.  <grin>


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