[rt-devel] observations about the 1.3 install script

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Thu Jun 1 23:50:04 EDT 2000

> Only chown files or directories which must be writable by rt.  I guess
> this means only the password file, since everything else is in the db?

I did modify it like this:

	if [ \! -d $(RT_PATH) ] ;
		chown -R $(RTUSER) $(RT_PATH)
		chgrp -R $(RTGROUP) $(RT_PATH)  
		chmod 0755 $(RT_PATH)

	chmod -R 755 $(RT_LIB_PATH)
	chmod -R 0750 $(RT_ETC_PATH)
	chmod 0755 $(RT_BIN_PATH)
	chmod 0755 $(WEBRT_CGI_PATH)
	chmod 4755 $(RT_PERL_MUX)
	chmod 777  $(WEBRT_DATA_PATH)

I haven't tested it ... but it should be pretty OK, shouldn't it?

> I agree that it's not critical, but if there is nothing gained then it
> should not be done.  Since some people run RT on internet-accessible
> machine security is not unimportant.

I guess the plan is to make the script sgid and make the config (with the
password) group readable.  Do you have better suggestions?

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