[rt-devel] RT2/1.1.1 Rtq wierdness..

Kent Longballa Kent.Longballa at Onvoy.com
Wed Jun 7 14:54:12 EDT 2000

Num    !  Owner    Age    Told   State Requestor Subject              
foo$VAR1 = '0';
$VAR2 = {
          'TABLE' => 'Tickets',
          'EXT_LINKFIELD' => undef,
          'ALIAS' => undef,
          'INT_LINKFIELD' => undef,
          'OPERATOR' => '=',
          'FIELD' => 'status',
          'ENTRYAGGREGATOR' => undef,
          'VALUE' => 'open'
$VAR3 = 'HASH(0x832de98)';
$VAR4 = {};
1      00 Nobody   

Is this normal for rtq ??? The above is the output I get from rtq with no
command line options. I have also tried rtq -unowned and it gives same
This is RT2 (Rt1.1.1) from cvs. (Checked out today).
There is one ticket in the DB that it should display (Not owned by anyone).

Kent Longballa
Network Supervisor
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