[rt-devel] perl path madness

Blue blue at calico.gator.net
Wed Jun 7 18:24:54 EDT 2000

hey folks,

so, i gave up on adding a proper 'show this many items' in rt 1.0.x. it
was a nightmare. i have it working to the point of only showing a certain
number of items, but adding forward and back links, as well as getting the
request order filters to work, is just more coding than i'm going to do on

the good news is that i have official permission to sack 1.0 and work on
2.0, more or less full time.

if anyone would like the code for limiting output, holler and i'll send a
patch. if anyone feels like wading thru and hardcoding those bazillions of
url calls, that would be very cool. :P

my boss turned me down for the trip to Prague. whudda putz. :)


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        QSP, Inc., 3200 Atlantic Ave, Ste 100, Raleigh, NC, 27604
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