[rt-devel] Errors with perl 5.6

Blue blue at calico.gator.net
Thu Jun 8 16:10:00 EDT 2000

I captured the wrong email address for RT, so if I've been spamming
someone for the last few days, I apologize. :P

I'm using perl 5.6 w/mod_perl 1.24 and apache 1.3.12, and apache actually
segfaults when I load up the WebRT page. Pretty sexy, I don't think I've
ever seen apache sig11 before.

When trying to get it up and running, I had to comment out the call to
exit() to get apache to start. It was complaining that:

[Thu Jun  8 14:28:12 2000] [error] Apache->exit called without setting
Apache->request! at /usr/local/rt2/etc/config.pm line 238.

Also, Tobix, I noticed that in the top of config.pm, you complained about
syslog and having to redo the h2ph stuff - I have had that problem too. It
seems endemic to red hat's perl installation, which in turn seems to not
want to work with anything from CPAN.

It's all very annoying. :) Anyone else running with perl 5.6, or has
anyone else seen apache segfault? I reallllly don't want to have to sift
through an apache coredump.


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