[rt-devel] Some question

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Fri Jun 9 12:57:00 EDT 2000

> Can a user (requestor) see (or see and update) ONLY his requests with 
> RT via Web??

Not in RT1, but we'll implement it for RT 2.0.  It's ready in August,

It might be possible to hack this for RT1.

> Can I use encript password in the table "users" in the field "password"??

No, but I don't think the security would be significantly raised by that
anyway.  I will eventually implement authentication via SSL certificates,
but only after 2.0 is out.

> Can I use another table name for the users, for example "people"??

External authentication (including alternative tables and alternative
fields - though that should really be handled by sql VIEWS ... which mysql
unfortunately doesn't support at the moment) will come, but only after 2.0
is out.

It might be possible to hack RT1 to accept other tablenames for the users.
It should all be in lib/rt/database.pm IIRC.

> p.d: Sorry about my bad English!! :((

..and RT will probably be translated to Spanish, but only after 2.0 is out

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