[rt-devel] HTML DUMP ; DBI::st=HASH(0x890c490)' is not a DBI handle

Michael mike at westphila.net
Fri Jun 9 14:45:00 EDT 2000

>>  And so i says to him|her.. 
> Oh, oh, this is really fucked up.  In webrt/autohandler I have a $m->abort
> which should abort the session .. seems like it doesn't.  Try replacing
> that
> 	 if (1)
> to
> 	if (0)
> in the autohandler.
> FWIW, it shouldn't die, just warn about those errors.  At least that's the
> behaviour here.

Yea, that fixed it.  I'd meant to mention the url mismatch problem before.
I think you're assuming that dnsdomainname only returns the
hostname part (ie:  'amy' instead of 'amy....com').

I've got my hostname set to the FQDN, so your url check fails.
What was that check meant to do anyhow?


ps: the latest version from CVS doesnt populate any ticket data.
    that was a nice feature for us lazy folk. =)


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