[rt-devel] Rt guest account question

Phil Temples ptemples at deas.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 13 12:03:32 EDT 2000

I saw Tobias' recent reply concerning another person's question about Rt
guest user accounts.   That user asked about customizing the field
describing "enter email address here" and also asked about a guest
gaining access to the admin-webrt.cgi page to change the password.

He made reference in your message to a previous discussion thread
but in looking in the monthly archives I could not find it.

I have similar issues, except that we need to keep our guest account
"read only."  Even after defining guest with "Display" access for a
queue, I still find that guest can open up a new ticket!  Any ideas on
how to create a true "display" or "read only" guest user?


Phil Temples <ptemples at deas.harvard.edu>

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