[rt-devel] RT2 and mod_perl

Duncan McEwan duncan at MCS.VUW.AC.NZ
Wed Jun 14 18:54:36 EDT 2000

We've just started using RT1 and are very happy with it.  We're not quite ready
to start experimenting with RT2, but I'm subscribed to this list so I can keep
up to date with developments.

I've seen references to RT2 working best with apache+mod_perl, but that it can
be used via CGI at some performance cost.

Is the fact that it works best with mod_perl simply because Mason works best
with mod_perl or are there other reasons?  I found a reference on the mason web
site (http://www.masonhq.com/docs/faq/#Can_I_run_HTML_Mason_via_CGI_) that
described how to run mason via CGI.  The person who wrote it said he didn't
notice any performance problems, though their mason components weren't heavily
used and performance wasn't critical to them.

I saw an earlier message on this list from Tobias ("Errors with perl 5.6",
Fri, 9 Jun 2000 16:57:16 +0200) in which he said:

> You're lucky, when I tried installing mod_perl, it crashed even without
> and perl handlers at all.
> ...
> I have no clue about webmux.pl, I'm using CGI.  If you also would like to
> run CGI, I might give you a snapshot of my rtmux.pl.  

This suggests that it is possible to run RT2 without mod_perl.  Does this
require using the technique described in the reference above, or is there some
other (better suited to RT?) way?

And if one of the main developers of RT2 is currently not using mod_perl, will
that be a "supported" option when RT2 is released?

Our concerns about having to run apache+mod_perl in order to run RT2 are the
increased complexity/load for our web server and that that our request tracker
database might then have to be accessible to the uid that the web server runs



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