[rt-devel] RT2 and mod_perl

Charlie Brady charlieb at aurema.com
Thu Jun 15 06:52:09 EDT 2000

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Tobias Brox wrote (in response to comments from
Duncan McEwan):

> > Our concerns about having to run apache+mod_perl in order to run RT2 are the
> > increased complexity/load for our web server
> I don't think the load will be increased, but there are some complexity;
> I have a feeling that debugging will be harder, and that the web server
> will be more fragile.
> Though Mason do have some excellent debugging functionality ... which I
> haven't studied too much because I didn't want to fight setting it up
> without mod_perl. 

But Duncan went on to say:

> > and that that our request tracker database might then have to be
> > accessible to the uid that the web server runs as.

Which Tobias did not answer. That's too important a question to duck that
way. Unless you run a seperate apache+mod_perl just for RT, then the
database needs to be writable to "www" (or whatever apache runs as), if
you run under mod_perl. At least that's my understanding. Correct me if
I'm wrong.

I'm also quite surprised that you are doing development under 5.6.0. That
doesn't sound like a good way to get something out that will run on the
thousands (millions?) of sites running earlier versions for years to come.

[Disclaimer: of course I have no right to say this, because I'm not doing
the work, and I haven't even been paying attention for months (busy doing
other stuff).]

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