[rt-devel] RT2 and mod_perl

Blue blue at calico.gator.net
Thu Jun 15 10:43:01 EDT 2000

> I'm also quite surprised that you are doing development under 5.6.0. That
> doesn't sound like a good way to get something out that will run on the
> thousands (millions?) of sites running earlier versions for years to come.

despite claims to the contrary, 5.6.0 IS the stable release of perl, and,
excepting mod_peril, it runs very nicely. rt is in development,
anyways. you can expect the 5.6 series to continue to stabilize, but if
you're developing to a 5.0 perl, you might very well run into major
issues with deprecated interfaces, etc.

that said, rt doesn't work with 5.6 and mod_perl - or at least, i have not
been able to get it to work. :)

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