[rt-devel] Mail::Field lowercasing submodule names?

jesse jesse at fsck.com
Sun Jun 18 06:10:50 EDT 2000

So, for some reason I don't quite understand, my application, which uses
MIME::Tools, which in turn uses Mail::Field dies after being unable
to find Mail/field/addrlist.pm.  What it really seems to want is 
Mail::Field::AddrList.  (The same is actually true of Date.pm, too)

The culprit code appears to be  the line "my $p = lc $1;" in _require_dir.
I presume there's a good reason (msdos filesystems?) for this that I'm just
missing.  If you have any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them.

	Jesse Vincent
	jesse at fsck.com

sub _require_dir
 my($pkg,$dir,$dir_sep) = @_;

   my @inc =  ();
   my $f;

   foreach $f (readdir(DIR))
        unless $f =~ /^([\w\-]+)/;

     my $p = lc $1;
     my $n = $dir . $dir_sep . $p;
     if(-d $n )
       _require_dir( $pkg . "::" . $f, $n, $dir_sep);
       $p =~ s/-/_/go;
       eval "require ${pkg}::$p"

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