[rt-devel] Quirk with IE 5.00.2614.3500

Grant Woodall grantw at HiWAAY.net
Wed Mar 1 18:57:40 EST 2000

I have just begun using a new Micron Millennia PC (Win 98, 2nd ed.)here at
work.  I can login and use RT fine.  However, if I let it sit for a couple
of minutes and then try to Update Queue Filters, or if I click on Display
Queue it pops me back out to the Login screen.  It doesn't matter if I leave
the window up, minimized or in an actual message or on the main list screen.
I thought this was just a glitch in my new machine since 6 other techs
received the same Microns and none can reproduce the problem on their
workstations.  In addition, I never had this problem with my last Micron
machine that ran under Win 98, 1st ed.

Here is why I am sending this as a possible bug...

My father just bought a new Dell computer that is also running Win 98, 2nd
ed.  I set it up for him and logged into RT to work from home.  I logged in
successfully but when I clicked on a Service Ticket # it popped me back out
to the login screen again.  I tried a couple more times and even rebooted
and tried again.  Same results every time.  This is when I started thinking
either the problem was a Windows default setting that was wrong or maybe a
certain scripting conflict within the Windows setup.

Is there a cookie setting or scripting preset that I should look for in my
system that could be set incorrectly that would cause this problem?  Other
than this strange quirk I am thoroughly pleased with the RT program.

Thanks for your time!


Grant Woodall
Technical Support
HiWAAY Information Services
1-888-244-9229 or (256)533-4296

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