[rt-devel] Bugs

Alan Boyd mystara at sirius.s-s.org.uk
Sat Mar 4 15:44:17 EST 2000


I've managed to find a fairly large propertion of bugs in rt-1.0.2.  I'm
running Solaris version 7 using gcc, sendmail, mysql 3.23 and apache

1.) The standard Makefile doesn't want to execute unless (at the


Is changed to:


With it giving unexpected end of line errors unless this is done.

2.) Your script (after installation) gives a large number of Internal
Server errors with the message: Premature end of script headers

In every case but 1 (see below) the transaction is still completed,
despite its error

3.) The one case it doesn't work is reply, according to the logs is
'Tries' to execute the command usr/lib/sendmail -oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b
-OErro... and then it gives a premature end of script error.  Everything
in the interface is updated (last contact, the reply etc.) but the email
is not sent out.

Also, mailing the script no longer seems to work.  I get a 'User Unknown'
email back, with the information:

The original message was received at Sat, 4 Mar 2000 20:18:19 GMT
from mystara at localhost

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
"|/home/rt/test2/bin/rt-mailgate general correspond"
    (expanded from: <rt at sirius.s-s.org.uk>)

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
Could not send mail :(

Mailing to rt-action gives:

There has been an error:
There has been an error with your request:

Even though it actually answers any commands.

Any ideas?

4.) There are gaps in the Makefile which cause it to stop (blank lines)


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