[rt-devel] RE: [rt-users] Some features I'd like to see

Jesse jesse at pallas.eruditorum.org
Sun Mar 19 01:01:34 EST 2000

> Jesse>Eventually I see several distinct ticket types:
> Jesse>      * User Request
> Jesse>      * Trouble Ticket
> Jesse>      * Bug
> Jesse>      * Task
I'm about to go to bed..and will be on the road tomorrow, so I'm not going to actually respond
fully for now but here,s the basic breakdown:

A User Request is a user request for some sort of action. It may be a 
request for help,  a problem description,e tc.

A Trouble ticket is a ticket describing some open, unresolved issue
(A NOC, for example, would mainly deal in Trouble tickets)

A bug is somewhat related to a trouble ticket....but is more likely to 
be targetted at a software development team. I'm really not sure how this interacts
with the rest of the system yet.

A Task is some divisible action that needs  to be taken.

The rough model is that a user would create a Request. The NOC would open a trouble ticket
to tie together all user requests and track the issue. The NOC might escalate the trouble ticket
to a Senior Administrator who would create Tasks that need to be done to correct the issue
and assign those tasks to junior administrators.

	Of course there's nothing stopping you from just using good old user requests
to track and resolve issues.
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