[rt-devel] Some features I'd like to see

Daniel Rinehart danielr at ccs.neu.edu
Sun Mar 19 10:44:27 EST 2000

> I think all kind of tickets should be a subclass of Ticket.  I think

	That's a very good idea. This then allows people to extend RT with
site specific tickets or ticket logic while still enabling the overall
system to be useful out of the box. The fun then becomes figuring out how
to deal with the marshaling of information between a ticket object and
the DB.	

> > Daniel>that things like orphaned requests didn't appear in the
> > relationships.
> > What's an orphaned request? Derived, component and grouptickets are
> I agree, all tickets should by default not be linked (other than to
> which queue they appear in), thus beeing "orphans".

	I was thinking that given a ticket X and two dependent sub tickets
Y & Z, logic is going to need to exist so that if someone kills/deletes X
from the system Y & Z then also disappear or something else appropriate
happens to them. I was mainly trying to get at some of the complexity
involved in keeping the relationships between tickets in a known good

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