[rt-devel] Action models, links between tickets etc.

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Sun Mar 26 15:18:13 EST 2000

I'm not going to comment on Linking models right now. there's just too much there
for me to deal with right now, though I must say that the conversation
has been useful

> Tobias and I have differing expectations of what links should do, and
> what actions should occur. Here is what I propose. Rather than having
> multiple types of tickets (bugs, tasks, group), have just one ticket
> type.

No. Among other things, tickets of different types may eventially have different 
attributes and different UI associated with them
> If the rt command is executed, the rt program will need to look at all
> of the links with source $destTicketId and call apropriate action
> programs on them. In this way the link tree can have data propigated
> across it.
> The scripts themselves can be written in any language, sh, perl, tcl,
> python etc. All interactions with rt are done via the CLI.
While I agree that all ticket manipulation must be possible from the CLI,
the RT core and associated actions will be written in perl. At least for 2.x.

I'd like to hold off on the advanced state change on link manipulation stuff
for now, as if we go that route, I'm afraid we'll never get it out.

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This is scary.  I'm imagining tracerouting you and seeing links like "Route
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