[rt-devel] Design discussions in general

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Mon Mar 27 17:47:24 EST 2000

I'm an expert on forgetting printouts at the printer...so I still haven't
had the time reading through your mail.  Will do it later ...

My top priority now is to get a working 1.3 that can be demonstrated and
tested locally.  It won't have all the features, it won't have the admin
tools, it won't have support for other DBs than mysql, but it should work,
and it should have a Web UI.  As long as we can achieve this goal with the
current design, I will not spend more time on design discussions until 1.3
is eventually out.  I hope it will be "tomorrow" (that is Tuesday or
Wednessday ... I'll tell you which timezone "tomorrow" applied to when
we eventually get 1.3 out :)

I think it would be great if the design discussions actually _proved_ 
useful, I've been into projects earlier where several weeks has been
wasted discussing design and writing several hundred kilobytes of emails
before a single line of a design document was written ... and eventually
the email threads continued after writing the first line of the design

Please check out rt/docs/design_docs with the rt-1-1 tag.  If you have
just small comments or things to be added, include your comment in
brackets and send me a patch.  If you think whole concepts are flawed,
we'll discuss it by email.  If you're seriously thinking that it's very
important that we need to do things differently for 1.3, yell out loudly.
I'm more in favor of finding out (through testing the 1.3 version) what
actually works and what doesn't work before continuing this design

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