[rt-devel] RT2 progress

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Thu May 11 00:35:12 EDT 2000

The last days I've been doing almost nothing, as usual.  Well, I've been
knocking my head a bit towards the wall because Jesse has done changes to
the Mason setup which required mod_perl and broke my CGI version.

Well, I guess I finally discovered that Apache::Session had nothing to do
with neither Apache nor mod_perl, so it was only fear that caused
me to knock my head towards the wall, and nothing else.  It was really
nothing but looking through Jesses updates and then it was simple
plug'n'pray to get it into the .cgi.  Well, the praying didn't help that
much, I did have some problems, and it seems like I'm still having
problems, but I will probably resolve it.

The next problem that occurred was that Jesse had used an Apache request
object, which is a mod_perl thingy.  I've quickly set up a wrapper object,
and I'll add functionality to it until it works here.

Jesse is currently dealing with the GUI, so I can't do much there.  As I
see it, most of the things that remains before we can actually
start using RT2 here is related to the GUI.

I'm mostly done with my work with the links, except for the user interface
things.  I'll discuss my thoughts in my next mail.

The GUI development is totally controlled by Jesse at the moment.
Jesse; how much work would you suggest that remains?  When he is finished,
I expect to use some days for debugging his things, adding things he has
forgotten and add other things that is important here.

Jesse has made some very basic authentication.  It seems to work good
enough as for now.

The non-GUI-thing we really need before we can try to deploy RT2 here, is
to fix the date handling!  I had totally forgotten about it!  I'll try to
deal with that today.

Except for that, there is:

- probably a lot of details

- user information + user prioritying.

Locally, we often have users with different emails.  We need to keep track
of them, also when they change emails.  We need to store comments about
them.  Most important; we must be able to rate them!  Good customers
should get a higher priority than ordinary requestors, and those
should get a higher priority than those who constantly bother us with
stupid FAQs.

I'd daresay that this will not be included in the official RT 2.0 release,
but it will be available as a user contributed patch, and it will be
included in post-2.0 releases (from now on; contr).

- Admin tools & ACL.

We don't need it locally for some weeks, at least - I handle it through
SQL as for now.  Anyway, it must come before the official RT 2.0 release.  

- Groups

This is essensial for us if an admin tool should be useful. contr.

- "Smart" Next/Prev-links

This is a GUI detail, which probably will have to wait until post-2.0.
(from now on; post).

- Smart autoreplier

I have described the functionality earlier, and I think this is a good
thing.  might be contr, might be post.

- all other requested nifty features

post, probably :)

Jesse has some RT1 queues at www.fsck.com for RT2 projects, bugs and
similar.  Anyway, I find it a bit easier to deal with a plain text file,
so I will store this mail in the TODO file in the CVS. :)

tobix at fsck.com

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