[rt-devel] Status of ver 2.0

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Mon May 22 14:19:46 EDT 2000

> Just a quickie,
> I'm looking at the project status on v2.0 online, and the release date for 
> v2.0RC1 is June 1st, with v2.0 pegged as June 30th. Are these dates still 
> realistic?
> I note that the page hasn't been updated since Feb 29, so I'm kinda 
> presuming that these deadlines aren't neccessarily accurate...

Yep.  Isn't it very typical that everything always get postponed?  And I
think I'm even more extreme than others.

Anyway, I actually think those dates still are realistic.

> If not, when can we expect a release. And more to the point, for me, is there 
> a PostgreSQL port yet?

Both me and Jesse is using mysql, so we will not provide a PostgreSQL port
- but we really hope it will be trivial to fix, and we hope *somebody*
will fix this so we can included it in the 2.0 release. :)

> I'm also kinda curious as to whether there'll be tools to migrate current 
> (1.0.1) to a postgreSQL backend?

Different patches exists, somebody out there is running at postgreSQL.
Anyway, I'd suggest waiting some days.

> I know the answer to these questions are actually, "A lot sooner if we didn't 
> keep receiving annoying questions!", but still, you have to ask. :)

Oh yeah, I should be hacking now instead of answering this question.
Anyway, I really have kept my fingers away from the rt mailinglists the
last week ... I'm really prioritying 2.0 now ;)

tobix at fsck.com

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