[rt-devel] observations about the 1.3 install script

Martin Pool mbp at linuxcare.com.au
Mon May 29 01:34:13 EDT 2000

In from CVS:

The `dirs' target doesn't create the WEBRT_DATA_PATH directory, so
fixperms fails.

Also, I don't think these lines are really right:

	chown -R $(RTUSER) $(RT_PATH)
	chgrp -R $(RTGROUP) $(RT_PATH)  

Firstly, they break badly if RT_PATH is /usr/local.  Or is that not
supposed to happen.

Secondly, if RT is going to run as user rt.rt then it's probably more
secure *not* to have that user own those scripts and configuration files,
if that's possible.  Rather the webmaster or root should own them.  Would
this fit into the design of RT?  Also, could the rtmux.pl script perhaps
be setgid rather than setuid?

RT looks very promising -- thanks,

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