[rt-devel] How to get human readable date_due into email templates

Randy Shaw randy at wine.com
Sat Nov 18 13:16:23 EST 2000

I want to show customers the assigned date_due in the autoreply, in human
readable format. %req:date_due% returns it in Unix format.

I have read the archives and from the mysql cmd line I can return a date in
the format needed:

select FROM_UNIXTIME(date_created) from rt.each_req

I don't know how to get from that piece of information to being able to put
an embeddable token in my email templates.

The general approach required would be appreciated, i.e. am I trying to add
a valid word to the %req:<word>% token, and if so what file(s) do should I
be working in?

Code samples appreciated even more.

Send me the solution nicely documented and there's a bottle of fine wine in
it for you.* I'd like to be able to embed %req:date_due_readable% or
something like that in my email templates.


*Fine print. First person to provide a complete working solution. And you
have to live in the US in a state that I can legally ship wine to.

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