[rt-devel] Re: Postgres

Alex Pilosov alex at pilosoft.com
Sat Sep 16 17:10:18 EDT 2000

On Sat, 16 Sep 2000 jmr at computing.com wrote:

> alex> Ya, postgres has a different idea of OID. (I.E. when you do an insert into
> alex> table with auto-incremented column, you can get back an OID of the row
> alex> inserted, then you have to do a query (select pkey from table where
> alex> oid=youroid) to get the pkey. This allows to scale where more than one
> alex> field is autoincremented, or where autoincremented field is not pkey (or
> alex> where's no pkey).
> [I haven't seen the schema -- so maybe I'm off base here -- I just
> barely have time to listen.]  IMHO, I think it's better not to use
> Postgres' OID for references -- instead you want a separate column of
> type 'serial' (auto incremented integer).  The disadvantage with using
> OID for anything other than transitive identification of a particular
> row (which may in fact be what you're using it for!) is that they're
> not preserved across dumps (normally).  It is possible to dump tables
> with OID's, but you have to specifically ask for that to happen --
> it's asking for trouble to use them as references to other tables.

No, the serial will be used for references. I am talking about different
ways how databases return 'what-did-i-just-insert-into-database'. MySQL
returns the primary key, and Postgres returns OID, and you need to do
additional select to get primary key. 

> alex> I managed to get RT 1.3.somewhere-in-march with postgres, shouldn't be
> alex> that hard to do it again. That RT was badly broken so I threw it away and
> alex> never worked more on it :)
> I'm eagerly awaiting this, as is my team (who want the data that we
> currently have stored in mysql (only because that's where RT wants it)
> tied to all the rest of our data, which is in postgres.  I'll be an
> early adopter; just don't have time to do the port right now.
Great ;)


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