[rt-devel] stacked email handlers

J.D. Falk jdfalk at mail-abuse.org
Mon Sep 25 20:23:15 EDT 2000

	As the guy who designed the krufty procmail system that Ivan's
	trying to emulate, I figure I should probably respond a bit....

On 09/25/00, Jesse <jesse at fsck.com> wrote: 

> My big concerns with a stackable-handler system are:
>         the increased overhead at startup..especially at high-volume sites
>         the added complexity for debugging.

	Yes, but imagine how bad it is when all of that stuff is part
	of something that sits in front of rt.  *grin*

> > Replication of current RT1 procmail functionality with stackable Perl
> > plugins inside RT itself.  Write plugins to (stacked in this order):
> >   - Archive message
> You mean split off a copy into a mailbox? How is it better to do this 
> inside RT rather than at the MTA level?  

	This is in our current setup in case of unexpected RT h0rkage,
	and for legal reasons; it's probably not necessary for most sites.  

> >   - Drop duplicates based on checksum of body
> Presumably checksum of body and a literal comparison of the requestor

	That'd be better, given a smarter program.

> >   - Stop processing before autoreply based on queue name
> How is this different than "Don't send autoreply for some queues"? Which
> is easy

	This is for the bounce-catcher and do-not-respond-ever list; no
	real need if all that gets built into RT.

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