[rt-devel] Shipping to PO Boxes

Paul Munchmeyer pmunchmeyer at myezsale.com
Fri Sep 29 09:09:04 EDT 2000

Don't know if you would call this a bug, but it is important
There was an item(0005000A) that sold through the Franklin store(0004) to a 
lady in Maryland.  The buyer's mailing address was a PO box.  Unfortunately,
UPS can not ship to Post Office boxes; Our eBay details say that we are only
able to ship via UPS.  The store was still able to ship the item, but they 
had to use the US Postal System.  In doing this Insurance and package 
tracking issues become more complex.  The item does have insurance, but Bob 
Walker stated that if a claim becomes necessary the process can be lengthy 
and claims are difficult to collect.  The item could not be sent out of the 
store either.  One of Bob's employees had to take the item to the post office
and mail it.  Bob said that this was the way it had to be done in all of his
stores and probably in all packing and shipping stores across the country.  
Bob suggested that our eBay details say that we can not ship to PO boxes 
because of this problem.   
Paul Munchmeyer  

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