[rt-devel] Re: Howto for running two instances of webrt on one machine

Christian Kurz Christian.Kurz at planNET.de
Tue Apr 3 05:13:57 EDT 2001

On 01-03-30 Jesse wrote:
> Basically, you want to setup mod_proxypass on your RT server's main RT instance.
> Then, set up two seperate RT instances on two seperate apache servers running
> on high ports on your RT host.  On the high-port servers, configure each

So that means I add mod_proxypass as another module to the current
apache config and then create two virtual hosts like rt1.doma.in and
rt2.doma.in? Or do they need to be on a high port and if yes, why?

> RT instance to run in whatever root directory you want it to. Then configure

What do you mean by root-directory? The dir, where all the html-stuff
should belong or where the databases are located on what exactly is
meant with root-dir?

> mod_proxypass to hand off requests.

Hand off requests? What do you mean by that? I don't know much about
Webservers or mod_proxypass, so some more explanation on this would be

Also do I need to change all the email-aliases to use the different two
rt instances? If yes, I would then also need to change stripmime for one
instance to use the new dir, right?

> If you have the time once you have it running, writing up a step-by-step howto
> would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, but I'm currently very busy and that's why I already asked for a
Howto on this stuff.

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