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Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Sat Aug 11 14:16:00 EDT 2001

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 11:29:13AM -0500, Austin Stevenson wrote:
> How many operating systems do you support? 

Pretty much anything unixlike.  It runs on linux, solaris, *bsd, MacOS X, 
HPUX, AIX, IRIX and probably a couple dozen lesser-known flavors of unix.

>Is this product only on GNU/Linux or can it be adapted to work on say, Win2k?   

I suspect that RT could in fact be ported to win2k, though nobody's ever tried
it.  If you're interested in having me do the work to port it to win2k, mail
me personally.

>This is an EXCELLENT program, but we do not have the resources to implement this on a GNU/Linux system.  I hate to ask, but if you know of a comparable program, maybe one that was your inspiration for Request Tracker, could you let me know about that too?

Sadly, I don't.  Much of the reason I hack on RT is because there isn't anything
like it out there. (Well, it's also fun, and it usually pays the rent...but those are side issues ;)

> Thanks so much,
> Austin Stevenson
> Help Desk Admin.  IHHA
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