[rt-devel] [rt-announce] RT 2.0.5

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Aug 15 00:30:38 EDT 2001

I'm proud to announce RT 2.0.5.  This release contains more churn than any 
release since before 2.0 beta 3 (that means it also contains the most cool new
stuff).  Folks have hammered on the test releases and it seems ready to go.  
As with any production software, I strongly encourage you to test RT 
thoroughly before deploying it.

This release cleans up a lot of UI and internals, fixes a couple small
bugs, fixes a condition that could cause a mail loop, adds some minor new 
features and, most importantly, adds support for attaching documents to tickets
via the web ui.  Now you can attach mp3s to tickets via the web ui 
and play them by clicking on them.  


Changes since 2.0.4:

  Cleaned up the return values from Ticket->CreateLink. (always return 
    $status, $msg);  
  Updated Transaction->Content to be smarter about showing the first 
    message in the transaction.
  Added a convenience function to RT::Attachemnt to find Children of this 
  Added code to RT::Attachemnt to allow access to the 'Parent' attribute
  Added a convenience function to RT::Attachments to search by ContentType.
  Added some docs to RT::Attachments

  Removed the old manual skeleton in docs in favor of the web based docs.
  README: added more pointers to the 'complete' docs.
  README: Removed the little bit of configuration info in the readme 
    in favor of the 'complete' docs on the web
  README: fixed a typo in the cronjob
  Added some notes about what may happen for 2.2
  Fixed a typo in the docs in the config file
  Clarified the errata urls in the TODO file

Web Interface:
  Added support for uploading attachments on ticket creation and update.
  Fixed a typo in the 'bookmark this search' link display.
  By default, limit search results to 50 per page.
  Jumbo no longer loses ticket update contents
  Fix for 'blank' searches bug when using search bookmarks
  Now shows global scrips and keywordselects in the queue UI for 
    adminning the same.
  Show 'comment' and 'correspond' for multipart messages in the 
    per-transaction listing.
  [home] now gets greyed out when you're there
  Cleaned up the date editing ui
  Cleaned up the Relationship editing and display ui
  Code cleanups to TicketElements/AddWatchers and Elements/MessageBox 
    for more readable and maintainable code
  Cleaned up Admin/Users search functionality
  Enabled searching for disabled users
  Strip trailing spaces from things we're trying to link to.
  Sort Links by something intelligent when displaying them

Mail sending:
  Changed the case of the Managed-by header to be less grating
  Autoreplies are now from "Queuename" rather than from "RT"

Mail receipt:
  fix to properly grab 'from' addresses for purposes of determining 
    whether something's a mailer-daemon
  Fix for mailgateway being unable to send error mail with 
    'sendmailpipe' mailing  
  Moved a bunch of mail gateway library routines to the library 
    where they belong
  RT is now less likely to try to send mail to senders which 
    will cause loops  

  CLI Added support for merging to the CLI
  Cli now works as described when linking tickets. Formerly, 
    you couldn't admit the "+" before an added link

jesse reed vincent -- root at eruditorum.org -- jesse at fsck.com 
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