[rt-devel] SNMP

Darrin Walton darrinw at nixc.net
Wed Aug 15 09:47:18 EDT 2001

  |+ It should be a pretty easy thing to build.  Assuming you were to tie
  |+ it into ucb-snmpd (aka net-snmpd), all you really need is a script
  |+ that runs the SQL query to do various counts and print that number to
  |+ stdout.  Then in the snmpd.conf, just add an "exec" MIB that runs your
  |+ sql query program.

That is what I was going to do.  I've already built the MIB, yet to test
if it compiled.  

I was only going to do TotalTickets, and TotalOpenTickets.  If others have
ideas as to anything else, i'd be happy to hear them.


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