[rt-devel] rtname variable

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Thu Aug 16 13:19:09 EDT 2001

Making RT support multiple 'virtual' rtnames wouldn't be the worst thing
on the planet.  I'd probably think about supporting a per-queue rtname
field before just turning rtname into a hash. Once I fork the 2.1
dev tree, I'd consider a patch to do this.


On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 12:55:28PM -0500, Christian Gilmore wrote:
> Heya. I was considering changing the rtname variable in config.pm to be a
> hash so that each queue can have its own rtname. Is there a reason why
> this would be a bad idea (presuming it were a fresh installation without
> old ticket correlation issues)?
> Regards,
> Christian
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