[rt-devel] Re: [rt-users] mod_perl eating resources

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Aug 20 13:58:50 EDT 2001

> From my scans of the RT code, I'm not too sure it is set up to share
> resources well under mod_perl. There is a lot of embedded requires
> within functions which causes code to be loaded at run time, rather
> than at apache startup time.  By making perl code load up at start
> time, you get the benefit of sharing the memory needed for it.
> Ideally, any code that is often used within RT *should* be loaded by
> the webmux script.  That is, anywhere you see a "use XXX" within
> modules that WebRT needs, those should also be in the startup script.

I'm pretty confident that I have most everything necessary in the long list
of modules in webmux.pl.  The later, repeated calls to use are ignored. 

> Speaking of "use ..." lines, it seems that some of the code assumes
> that this happens at run time not compile time.  This is not true...

It happens at module compile-time.  if a module is required part way 
through program execution, its 'use' directives get evaluated then.  
This is particularly useful when you don't want to compile all 50 kloc
of RT for every invocation of the CLI.  

The main case where this is different is with scrips. which are a whole
other kettle of fish.

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