[rt-devel] RT Mail will accept mail 50/50

Uri urifoox at cgiforme.com
Wed Aug 22 12:20:09 EDT 2001


    Great application, it's going to be a lifesaver here as soon as I figure
out how to get it working correctly.  I have a few questions.

1. I have Qmail on this machine and with version 1.0.7 everything was
working fine. Now that I upgraded to Version 2.0.5_03 it seems as though
when I email abc at cgiforme.com, the test email I have setup the email is not
getting through to RT. I have created a .qmail-abc file with:

|/opt/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue CgiForMe --action correspond

    Additionally, I have placed this file in
/home/vpopmail/domains/cgiforme.com since I have VPopMail+Qmail running. Am
I overlooking something? Just to make sure it wasn't rt-mailgate I went and
saved an email I created in Outlook Express and did

cat test |/opt/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue CgiForMe --action correspond

    And the email was routed to RTMail just fine. Any ideas?

2. Is there a way to prevent a user once he's taken a ticket that another
user will `steal` his ticket?

    That's all for now, thanks a lot for any help, I appreciate it!

Uri Foox

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