[rt-devel] HTML on ShowTransaction for Explorer.

Saverio Palmieri Neto saverio.palmieri at dglnet.com.br
Fri Aug 24 16:41:59 EDT 2001

Hello everybody,

	We receive a lot of messages in HTML and it's unconfortable to have to open
those by download link. We did a small change on the
Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction file allowing HTML message display inside a
IFrame. Our intranet system is enterely based on explorer browser soo we
dont care about netscape compatibility.

	At the end of the message you will find the piece of code already changed.
Hope this can be usefull to anyone else, and if someone can make this
Netscape friendly, maybe Jesse can add this a new option to the official

	Best regards,


% # 13456 is a random # of about the biggest size we'd want to see inline
% if ($message->ContentType =~ m{^(text/plain|message|text$)}i &&
length($message->Content)<13456) {
% #TODO We're now HTML escaping the message content, but should
% #TODO probably deal with converting links
<pre><% $message->Content %></pre>

% ### HTML message display inside an IFrame.
%  } elsif ($message->ContentType =~ m{^(text/html$)}i &&
length($message->Content)<13456) {
  <iframe width="100%" height=300
% ###

%  } elsif ($message->ContentType =~ m{^multipart}) {
<i>This is a multipart message</i>
% }

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