[rt-devel] Re: [rt-users] Replying using the Web UI

Mitchell Wright wright at nimm.com
Wed Aug 29 09:29:24 EDT 2001

Good Morning!

You must be attached to your computer like I am.

A couple things... One is just a note. For the mailing list to work it's
best, you should hit reply all so that others can learn from the process you
are undertaking. Not only the subcribers now, but those how search the
archives at a later date. It is good to send to the original too though, as
it can take a little time for the whole list to receive the note and sending
directly to me as well will come through much faster.

Two... I know it can be tedious when reading documentation before having a
sense of the software as the context to which the information is intended is
obscured. However, with applications of even mild complexity, this in
particular ranking pretty high on that scale, you really need to read it
through. All of it in fact... Somethings will make sense later that don't
make sense at the time.

Anways, sorry for taking a pedantic tone it is just very good advice (on
both points) that I have received myself in the past. The scrips are named
fairly logically. I have my testing queue set to transmit replies with the

OnCreate AutoreplyToRequestors with template Autoreply
OnCorrespond NotifyRequestors with template Correspondence
OnTransaction NotifyOwner with template Transaction

There are probably a few more that I will need to add but I have only
started the testing process. The first one sends an auto reply with a new
message comes in creating a ticket. The second sends the response through
the UI to the original message. The third lets the Admin know of further
message in a queue's thread. I suppose I should Ad another to alert the
admins when a note is added to the queue so our representatives only have to
log in when there is something new and not to check things out.


On 8/29/01 9:18 AM, "Andrew Yager" <andrew at rwts.com.au> wrote:

> How do I do that?
> Andrew
> On Wednesday, August 29, 2001, at 11:15  PM, Mitchell Wright wrote:
>> Another thing to try is to double check that you have your scrips
>> properly
>> set up to transmit the reply.
>> On 8/28/01 10:01 PM, "Mitchell Wright" <wright at nimm.com> wrote:
>>> What error are you getting?
>>> I had similar trouble a couple days ago and I needed to upgrade my
>>> told me it was up to date but after forcing an install things seemed
>>> to run
>>> smoothly.
>>> For me the upgrade goes like:
>>> (as root)
>>> perl -MCPAN -e shell;
>>> force install CGI
>>> (watch all the funny text fly by)
>>> exit
>>> Stop and start apache and try again.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mitchell
>>> On 8/28/2001 08:23 pm, "Andrew Yager" <andrew at rwts.com.au> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> ... not to just keep bugging or anything... but I'm still having
>>>> trouble
>>>> getting reply from the WebUI to work... i'm not a greatly experienced
>>>> unix user so if people can tell me what they need to know then I can
>>>> get
>>>> that info for them.
>>>> Andrew
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