[rt-devel] RT 2.0.10-test3

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Dec 17 15:26:20 EST 2001

RT 2.0.10-test3 is out (along with DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.48-test3, which it requires).  2.0.10 has a _lot_ of cleanups in it, along with a big performance
boost for RT on postgres.  There are one or two minor things that I need
to do before 2.0.10, but I'd really love to hear how this works for folks.


2001-12-17 15:13  jesse

	* Makefile:

	Bumped the version to 2.0.10-test3
2001-12-17 14:58  jesse

	* lib/RT/User.pm, tools/insertdata, webrt/Admin/Users/Modify.html:

	RT-Ticket: 935
	RT-Status: resolved
	cleaned up seph's patch. this enabled me to actually really properly support
	users with no email address, which meant there were a couple other cleanups
	to go through too.
2001-12-17 14:26  jesse

	* lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

	Some small cleanups to the IsWatcher stuff.
	Added checks to make sure that watchers aren't duplicated to ticket.pm
2001-12-17 13:04  jesse

	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction:

	Fixed an unclosed anchor which caused IE to render ticket listings wrong.
2001-12-14 18:29  jesse

	* lib/Makefile.PL, tools/testdeps:

	Bumped DBIx::SearchBuilder dependency to 0.48
2001-12-14 18:28  jesse

	* tools/testdeps, webrt/Elements/Login:

	Removed code to special case for bugs in mason < 1.01.
	Moved us up to a mason 1.02 dependency
2001-12-14 18:26  jesse

	* bin/rt:

	bin/rt: added support for --version, fixed --status = !closed, docced --merge-into
2001-12-14 18:25  jesse

	* Makefile:

	Some stylistic cleanups  to the makefile from blair.
2001-12-14 16:42  jesse

	* bin/rtadmin:

	rtadmin had some issues where it would assume a 'name' if called without --name for user group and queue editing.
2001-12-14 16:06  jesse

	* lib/RT/Tickets.pm:

	Ticket listings will no longer show tickets which have been merged into others.
2001-12-14 15:27  jesse

	* lib/RT/User.pm:

	Prevent users from futzing with nobody or rt_System, unless you're setting an email address.
	(Arguably, that's a bug too)
2001-12-14 14:03  jesse

	* lib/RT/: ACE.pm, Group.pm, GroupMember.pm, Keyword.pm,
	KeywordSelect.pm, Queue.pm, Scrip.pm, Template.pm, Ticket.pm:

	Standardised on "Permission Denied" instead of having some "Permission denied". Thanks simon.
2001-12-14 13:46  jesse

	* lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:

	Reordered the order that Basics actions are committed, so that Queue changes
	come after other changes, so that users don't move tickets out of a queue before they have a
	chance to update them.
2001-12-13 02:18  jesse

	* lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

	Addition to Ticket->Import, so you can set owner by name.
	Fix for a bug in Ticket->AddWatcher that would let privileged watchers without
	email addresses add others as watchers.
2001-12-03 20:13  jesse

	* Makefile, lib/RT/EasySearch.pm, lib/RT/Keyword.pm,
	lib/RT/Record.pm, lib/RT/Tickets.pm, lib/RT/User.pm:

	more work on making sure that only the things we want are case sensitive
	(IE name, content email address should always be insensitive.  when loading a row by any field other than ID, that should be case-insensitive)
2001-12-03 19:17  jesse

	* Makefile:

	bumped the version  to 2.0.10-test1
2001-12-03 19:14  jesse

	* lib/RT/EasySearch.pm:

	We now default to case sensitive searches, rather than case-insensitive ones.
	(This should speed up Pg a LOT. We'll be adding in case-insensitive searching
	for the 13 attributes that matter:
2001-12-03 19:13  jesse

	* webrt/: Admin/Queues/Modify.html, Admin/Queues/People.html,

	Some small UI cleanups from Hakke
2001-11-29 03:50  jesse

	* webrt/: Elements/SelectEqualityOperator, Elements/SelectOwner,

	SelectOwner now passes a ticket up the line.
	Priority can now have = and != searches
2001-11-29 03:49  jesse

	* tools/insertdata:

	Cleaned up a template to display Ticket subject, if no transaction subject is given.
2001-11-29 03:48  jesse

	* webrt/Ticket/: Update.html, Elements/EditPeople:

	Now pass in ticket Id, so that "owner" can be someone who only has rights to that tikcet.
2001-11-29 03:47  jesse

	* lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

	FinalPriority should never get set to null if a ticket doesn't have the attribute set on create
	Untake's arguments were debognifed
2001-11-29 03:45  jesse

	* webrt/SelfService/Elements/Header:

	"Logout" no longer shows up when using external auth with SelfService
2001-11-29 03:44  jesse

	* bin/rt:

	Fix for setting priority when creating tickets with the cli
2001-11-29 03:42  jesse

	* bin/rt-mailgate:

	Added support for --ticket-id-from-extension to rt-mailgate
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