[rt-devel] Where to get 2.0.10pre4?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Dec 20 19:09:33 EST 2001


I can get the CVS sources and figured out the tag to get 2.0.10pre4
(rt-2-0-10-test4), but this looks like it requires minor hacking of
DBI::SearchBuilder to put in the correct VERSION to get RT to find the
latest DBI::SearchBuilder.

Is this how this should be done, or is there a tar.gz around of the complete

This might be a good thing to document somewhere on the web pages.

Also, a minor nit.  On the page


it would be easier to read if the current mail archive link was listed
first in front of the historical archives, since I'm used to clicking
on the first link I see, and people will probably want to search that
one more often than the old one.

Finally, the images are broken on that page.


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