[rt-devel] thoughts: uniq attachment and multiple references?

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Thu Dec 27 15:37:49 EST 2001

On Thu, 27 Dec 2001, Jesse Vincent wrote:

> Really, I'm not sure that 50 megs on a gig actually makes enough
> difference for this to be worth the added complexity.
> What I'd be curious about is how many of these attachments are bitwise
> identical.  Single-instance storage is, in fact, quite cool, if we can get

50 megs over 1 gig isn't much.  Its the wastage in the first place that I
dislike, and the possibility of mail loops having a much more devastating
effect than they should (ideally, a mail loop results in a few hundred
links to the same data, not several hundred copies of the same data (even
more ideally, a mail loop doesn't happen.  Ha! ) ).

( One of these days I'll actually implement my SQL-based mail archive
  system which stores messages on a per line basis, saving oodles on
  subject lines alone.  One day I'll be really bored ;) )

> it just right.  I'd be happy to see this in 2.2, if we can make sure it's
> genuniely happy and it doesn't impact performance.  The big place you missed
> in your listing of things that would need changing is in Tickets.pm,
> so we can continue to properly search for tickets by content value.

Hrm.  And the big gotcha is the upgrade hit, as this would essentially
'lose' all ticket content until some migration is complete.  Its a NULL
field, so you could delete it without impact, and thus the _Init could set
some flags deciding which table to use at runtime.

I think I can see how Tickets.pm would be changed (special case though),
and can see how content searching could be made lots faster.

> Man. I wish my coffee shops were as cool as yours. ;) Maybe I can find a
> contract gig in amsterdam or something.

heh.  you'd be amazed at what the employment page of my company kicks up
from time to time.  We're only a small company though, with a small effect
on the Internet and running small, unimportant databases ;)

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