[rt-devel] due date doesn't set

Thomas Koester tkoester at intevation.de
Mon Jan 8 12:18:12 EST 2001

Hi Danielle!

On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 05:30:23PM -0500, Danielle Cambridge wrote:
> one thing so far is that if you set a due date (initially or after the
> initial request entry) it doesn't update the page with the date, it
> simply says "no date assigned"

The same happens here with rt-1.0.6, I guess you are using the same
version. This bug only occurs with due dates in January.

Attached is a patch for rt-1.0.6 to fix this problem. Can somebody
verify, if this happens in the current development version, too?


Email: tkoester at intevation.de
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diff -urN rt-1.0.6.orig/lib/rt/ui/web/manipulate.pm rt-1.0.6-duedate/lib/rt/ui/web/manipulate.pm
--- rt-1.0.6.orig/lib/rt/ui/web/manipulate.pm	Thu Oct  5 21:03:11 2000
+++ rt-1.0.6-duedate/lib/rt/ui/web/manipulate.pm	Mon Jan  8 18:10:44 2001
@@ -246,11 +246,11 @@
     if ($rt::ui::web::FORM{'do_req_create'}) {
-      if ($rt::ui::web::FORM{'due'} and $rt::ui::web::FORM{'due_mday'} and $rt::ui::web::FORM{'due_month'} and $rt::ui::web::FORM{'due_year'}) {
+      if ($rt::ui::web::FORM{'due'}) {
       else { 
-	$due_date=0;
+	$date_due=0;
       ($serial_num,$transaction_num,$StatusMsg)=&rt::add_new_request($rt::ui::web::FORM{'queue_id'},$rt::ui::web::FORM{'area'},$rt::ui::web::FORM{'requestors'},$rt::ui::web::FORM{'alias'},$rt::ui::web::FORM{'owner'},$rt::ui::web::FORM{'subject'},"$rt::ui::web::FORM{'final_prio_tens'}$rt::ui::web::FORM{'final_prio_ones'}","$rt::ui::web::FORM{'prio_tens'}$rt::ui::web::FORM{'prio_ones'}",$rt::ui::web::FORM{'status'},$rt::time,0,$date_due, $rt::ui::web::FORM{'content'},$current_user); 

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