[rt-devel] RT 1.3.36

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Tue Jan 16 00:04:57 EST 2001

contains fewer bugs. contains more features.  has cleaner code. has better docs
for the new cli. has more ui tweaks.  slightly more likely to save the world.
significantly more likely to start sending you email about things. unlikely
to fetch you a beer or make your users stop reporting problems.


jesse reed vincent -- root at eruditorum.org -- jesse at fsck.com 
70EBAC90: 2A07 FC22 7DB4 42C1 9D71 0108 41A3 3FB3 70EB AC90

...realized that the entire structure of the net could be changed to be made 
more efficient, elegant, and spontaneously make more money for everyone 
involved. It's a marvelously simple diagram, but this form doesn't have a way 
for me to draw it.  It'll wait. 				-Adam Hirsch

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