[rt-devel] Status values

David Hawke dvh at gtech.co.nz
Fri Jan 19 21:12:29 EST 2001

Hi all

I am a fairly new user of RT and am finding it pretty much on target.

Having said that, I find the status values a little limiting for the way we want
to track. For example, we'd like to add
- works4me (everytime, of course :-)) )
- testing

Having poked my way though the code and modified in a couple of places, I had the
right thing happening in a couple of places, but hadn't worked through all of the
interrelationships - and then found 1.06, and then 1.07 came along and .....

Given that mySQL is in the background, would it be feasible to put the status
values, and potentially the interaction of status and form, into a table. This
would save superficial changes from having to be repeated at each revision of the

David H

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