[rt-devel] RT 1.3.38

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Tue Jan 30 00:46:58 EST 2001

I just rolled RT 1.3.38. It slices. it dices. it's got a functional
CLI ACL editor.  Group-based ACLs work. lots of little bugs have been fixed.
A bunch of other random bugs have been fixed.

Oh. and it looks like I forgot to send out an announcemnt that 1.3.37 was
Alpha 3. ;)  1.3.37 was alpha 3.  We've moved on to bigger and better stuff..
like pushing toward alpha 4.

Thanks to some stellar work by ivan, DBIx-SearchBuilder 0.20 should work better
with postgres due to use of placeholders and which should be faster due
to some smart metadata caching... It's not in CPAN yet, but it is available
from ftp.fsck.com/pub/rt/devel.

        tired and still spacey from a touch of the flu.

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