[rt-devel] Sick hack

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Sat Jul 14 14:24:15 EDT 2001

> It being a report, design is actually pretty important - i.e. readability.
> Remember, it's mostly management types who read these things, who often like to print such things out, just to waste paper.

Well yes. What I meant was that it was a proof of concept, using the most
easily available methods, rather than spending lots of time getting
it tweaked. I just want to make sure I can get the releavint info out of the 
database ;) ...And since I don't have convenient precanned dates
or short listing formats....I just went with quick placeholders

FWIW, you might be interested in the older version that was a bit too 
long winded for the current thing I'm working on:


jesse reed vincent -- root at eruditorum.org -- jesse at fsck.com 
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that's security the same way that asking for directions to topeka and
being told that a seal is a mammal is informative
					-robin at apocalypse.org

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