[rt-devel] CC hack

Teo de Hesselle teo.dehesselle at uts.edu.au
Sun Jul 29 21:43:10 EDT 2001

As our largest RT group *needs* to be able to forward a lot of their
requests to non RT using people, I've decided to try to add in
Ticket/Elements/EditPeople into Ticket/Update.html

Doing it the 'Simple' way doesn't work. (Taking the 'people' bit from
ModifyAll.html and adding it just before the </FORM> in Update)

My problem is that I haven't "done" mason before... exactly where is the
code which processes the form elements? Although the form posts to itself
most of the time, I can't find any perl code which processes the form... 

I know this must be a mason newbie question, but bare with me... Thanks In


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