[rt-devel] RT1 to RT2 importer

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Sun Jun 3 13:43:12 EDT 2001

With the help of some prototype code put together by Ivan Kohler and 
Byron Ellacott, I've got most of the RT1 to RT2 importer working.

Things it does:
        Imports queues
        Imports RT1 mailing rules to RT2 scrips
        Imports users
        Imports tickets
        Imports transactions
        Imports mail messages

Thing it should do that's currently buggy:
        Imports areas to keywords and keyword selects

Things it doesn't do yet
        Import queue acls
        Properly set some of the ticket date fields
        Deal with merging tickets

Things it will probably never do:
        Import attachments removed by stripmime
        Import RT1 templates

Feel free to fool around with this code (you need RT2 out of cvs)
but be forewarned that this tool should not be used to attempt to
migrate a production RT instance at this point.

Sometime this week, I expect to have a complete first cut of this code 
running.  At that point, I'm going to need some folks to see where
this breaks against their RT instances, since I can only begin to imagine
the wacky data-integrity issues some sites might have.


jesse reed vincent -- root at eruditorum.org -- jesse at fsck.com 
70EBAC90: 2A07 FC22 7DB4 42C1 9D71 0108 41A3 3FB3 70EB AC90

Transporters are so ungodly.  if god had wanted us to travel great distances
instantaneously, he would have given us an internal 
materialisation/dematerialisation control.
			  -- Shoshe Cole

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