[rt-devel] FYI - import-1.0-to-2.0 (couldn't create User for...)

Jens von Bülow jens at nha.co.za
Wed Jun 6 04:11:16 EDT 2001


The import fails when a ticket is being imported that has a requestor equal
to an owner...

For example fred at nha.co.za is an engineer who responds to client requests,
but has also requested help via rt and therefore has tickets that he is the
owner for and tickets that he is the requestor for.

I have included a snippet from the output of the import for your reference.

couldn't create User for fred at nha.co.za: Email in use
268...transactions: 709.710.711.

Note: Ticket 268 is the first ticket where fred at nha.co.za is the requestor
and not the owner

Otherwise it is *very* impressive to see the script race through the
database and perform the import. Well done!


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