[rt-devel] Importer results

Matthew D. Stock stock at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Wed Jun 6 22:06:33 EDT 2001

Today I successfully imported our 2000+ ticket database into the RT2 test
setup I've got.  It looks fine, but one minor oddity.  If you look at the
default search for one of the queues, the "Told" field reports "31 years
ago" for all of the entries.  :-)  If I select a ticket, the "Last Contact"
field reports "Not set", which I think maps to the same field.  So it looks
like there may be two problems.  One is that the last notified timestamp
isn't being propagated, and the other is that the search table isn't
handling the null result properly.

Is this expected behavior or a bug?
Thanks for a great tool!

Matthew D. Stock <stock at cse.buffalo.edu>
Director of Information Technology
Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo

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