[rt-devel] First attempt at importing

Bob Finch bob at nas.com
Fri Jun 8 21:23:14 EDT 2001

>>>>> "Jesse" == Jesse  <jesse at fsck.com> writes:

    Jesse> Weird. Incidentally, which of the three req importers did
    Jesse> you use?


Just finished importing w/ 1.3.97.  Adding an index for Users on
EmailAddress shaved about an hour off the total time.

Merging looks good this time.  The handful of merged tickets I looked
at were all OK.  I'll take a closer look over the weekend...

I had to do:

  select setval('tickets_id_seq', (select max(id) from tickets));

in psql before I could add new tickets.  I guess since import
explicitly sets ticket numbers, the sequence number never gets

-- Bob

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