[rt-devel] Import strangeness

Dewet Diener dewet at devco.net
Thu Jun 14 09:12:05 EDT 2001

On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 01:07:28PM -0400, Jesse wrote:
> what does the rt.log.* for the import look like (it should be in /tmp)?
> Are there entries in the database for the transactions? Is this true
> if you log in as root?
>         -j

mysql> select count(*) from Transactions;
| count(*) |
|     4030 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

The Data field is mostly NULL, except for merges, which look like
"Ticket 272 MergedInto ticket 271".

the rt.log is about 2.5MB.  Which parts are you interested in?  It
starts out with "Trying to load an email address: root at localhost", runs
through all the e-mail addresses, and then immediately bombs with:

RT::User=HASH(0x87a8e18)->HasQueueRight Couldn't find a queue id at
/usr/local/rt2/lib/RT/User.pm line 609
'TicketObj', 'RT::Ticket=HASH(0x8b71a5c)', 'Right', 'ShowTicket')
called at /usr/local/rt2/lib/RT/Ticket.pm line 2802
        RT::Ticket::HasRight('RT::Ticket=HASH(0x8b71a5c)', 'Principal',
'RT::User=HASH(0x87a8e18)', 'Right', 'ShowTicket') called at
/usr/local/rt2/lib/RT/Ticket.pm line 2773
'ShowTicket') called at /usr/local/rt2/lib/RT/Ticket.pm line 2723
        RT::Ticket::_Value('RT::Ticket=HASH(0x8b71a5c)', 'EffectiveId')
called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Record.pm
line 406
called at /usr/local/rt2/lib/RT/Ticket.pm line 91
        RT::Ticket::Load('RT::Ticket=HASH(0x8b71a5c)', 152) called at
/usr/local/rt2/lib/RT/Record.pm line 96
        RT::Record::Create('id', 1, 'Queue', 2, 'Owner', 7, 'Subject',
'xx xxxxxxxxxx -> xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx', ...) called at
/usr/local/rt2/lib/RT/Ticket.pm line 449
RT::Ticket::Import('RT::Ticket=HASH(0x8b71a5c)', 'id', 1, 'Queue',
'SysAdmin', 'Status', 'resolved', 'Requestor', ...) called at
./import-1.0-to-2.0 line 421        main::MigrateTickets() called at
./import-1.0-to-2.0 line 65
1_HasRight called without an AppliesTo object
Trying to load an email address: xxxxxx.xxxxxxx at xxxxxx.xxx.xx
RT::User=HASH(0x87a8e18) passed a bogus queue or queue object. aborting
ACL checkRT::User=HASH(0x87a8e18) passed a bogus queue or queue object.
aborting ACL checkUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or
string at ./import-1.0-to-2.0 line 444.
DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column 'KeywordSelect' cannot be null at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Handle.pm line 317.
RT::Handle=HASH(0x87558f4) couldn't execute the query 'INSERT INTO
ObjectKeywords (KeywordSelect, ObjectType, Keyword, ObjectId) VALUES
(?, ?, ?, ?)'Column 'KeywordSelect' cannot be null

This is repeated throughout the rest of the log.  I only blanked out
some specific strings using 'x' above.


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