[rt-devel] history empty after import

Sherrill (Pei-chih) Verbrugge spv at gospelcom.net
Thu Jun 14 16:37:26 EDT 2001


I use root as user and run import-1.0-to-2.0 on one of my old rt1 test
site.  There are 54 transactions.  No errors are reported in /tmp/rt.log.* file
and command line messages.  But the history is empty; it didn't import
over from 1.0.  I am using RT2 version [rt-1-3-101] and RT1 version
[1.0.2] on redhat linux 7.1.

Could you please help?  Thanks.

Sherrill (Pei-chih) Verbrugge
spv at gospelcom.net
ext. 273

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